Proactive Therapy and Wellness

Are you afraid of losing your independence?

We specialize in helping active adults with Parkinson's disease, who live in Greensboro and the surrounding areas of North Carolina, to remain active and independent in their communities, doing the things they enjoy, without fear of falling or depending on others.

Treatment provided in the comfort of your 

home or office.

If you are, then you've likely had to stop doing some of the things that you enjoy. 

Can you relate to any of those issues? 

Parkinson's disease can cause people to slow down to the point that simple tasks become very difficult.   Regular physical activity can help manage the symptoms of PD.  At Proactive Therapy and Wellness, we focus on helping you to stay active, doing the things that are important to you.  We use a combination of exercises and activities, teaching you new and better ways to do everyday things.  By working one-on-one with you in your home or office, we can easily address the specific issues that you're having.  

So if you're having trouble getting around and are afraid of losing your independence, contact us to schedule a time when we can talk about what's bothering you and what we can do to help.